About Us

About Us

Jacobs Institute Meeting Services is a division of the Jacobs Institute, Inc., and is dedicated to the principal that honest objective assessment of failures of judgment, equipment, and technique can lead to improved results in medical treatments. Our meetings and seminars are dedicated to improving patient care and safety, using failure analysis, assessment of procedural safety and other quality assessment techniques. We provide a unique forum for discussion, in a peer-review, confidential environment while handling your presentations. All of our meetings take place in Jackson Hole, WY. 

Cerebrovascular Complications Conference "3C"                                                    

The Cerebrovascular Complications Conference (3C) is a multidisciplinary annual meeting committed to a dynamic, honest, and open discussion of complications related to the microsurgical and endovascular management of complex cerebrovascular pathology. Using a case discussion format, the exchange of ideas among physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals will be facilitated and encouraged in a peer-review, confidential environment. Through open dialogue, 3C hopes to enhance physician education, stimulate progress in the field of cerebrovascular surgery, and improve patient care. 3C has an open registration policy. 

Neurosurgery at Jackson Hole "NS@JH"

Neurosurgery at Jackson Hole is a small gathering of key opinion leaders specifically dedicated to neurologic, neurosurgical and vascular disease, with presentations of cases and case series, problems and complications, clinical research, new technology, industry role in evolving technology, and analysis of the changes facing our healthcare system. Comprehensive and frank discussion following each presentation provides an opportunity for bridging the gap between research and implementation of newer treatments for the diseases we face, as well as in-depth clarification and discussion of controversial clinical issues and outcomes among current available treatments to help improve the management of complications. NS@JH is a "by invitation only" meeting. If you are interested in attending NS@JH please submit a short bio and reason for requested attendance to [email protected]

Failure Analysis Advisory Council "FAAC"

The Failure Analysis Advisory Council brings together two groups to focus on improving safety through failure analysis in catheter based intervention (CBI) in the human vascular system:  Medical Technology industry experts and key opinion leaders in all areas of vascular intervention (Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Radiology and Neurosurgery). Physician leaders present their worst complications and opine as to how and why they occurred in a confidential, protected environment with the goal of developing ideas for possible future avoidance. FAAC is a "by invitation only" meeting. If you are interested in attending FAAC please submit a short bio and reason for requested attendance to [email protected]